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How To Register Software:

  • Download and install the software product.
  • Buy, optionally, from our e-commerce provider
  • OR send payment to on
  • After you purchase, from Kagi only, you will automatically receive an e-mail with instructions. If you use PayPal then you can phone me or wait until I check the e-mails.
  • Follow the instructions on the e-mail to unlock the software.
  • NOTE: There are no refunds as this is shareware. You are assumed to have already tried the software and agreed to the terms. Chargebacks cost me money - so ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGEBACKS.
  • Free Software, like ZS Word Processor, does not require registration.
Download the Product Key Display and send me the numbers to unlock. I will send you the product key by e-mail. ShareGuard V4.1 has the online activation and deactivation module and will be ready sometime in December 2008. All of the coding is complete and I just have to system test the new functionality. You will then be able to activate and deactive software or PDF files or video files or eBooks or mp3 files from your PC.

Check for current pricing on the Kagi website. Good news, I have reduced the prices due to global economic conditions. You will never find a better copy protection system ANYWHERE on the planet for this price.

Buy ShareGuard for ONLY $29.95 and get PDFGuard or any other product for FREE. Please pay $29.95 USD using PayPal and then send me an e-mail asking for your free product and I will send you the software key.

You can pay by PayPal or Money Order or or other arrangements.

FREE lifetime support and FREE upgrades. I will support any product that I have written since 1980. can host your software downloads and activations for only $5 per month. You do not have to purchase any software for this option. You will receive your own subdomain, file upload scripts, e-mail, PHP scripts, MySQL database and setup is free. I have several registration and activation scripts that can be tailored to suit your needs.
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- Consulting Services to Fortune 500 companies

- Developing software since 1980

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